SUPPORT THE SERIES The Last Airship was created thanks to those wonderful people who joined the series one crowdfunding campaign! We are looking towards series two, and in the spring of 2018 we will have announcements on that and a whole new range of perks for the second series. In the meantime you can support the series most by helping us spread the word! You can forward the link to this website or individual episodes, review the series on our Facebook page, comment on the episodes on YouTube, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Having said that, as part of our promotion, we are currently looking at submitting the series to various film festivals which have screenings or competitions for web series - both of which help us to get seen. As far as possible we are entering free festivals - but as with all things, the better festivals cost money to enter. So if anyone would like to support a festival, you can! Pressing the pay now button below will allow you to send us £25. This will make you one of our festival supporters (think of it like one of the perks on our crowdfunding!). We will use that money to enter a specific festival - and then release a video on facebook letting people know that we are entering and that you are our festival supporter for that one! We will keep you posted on the progress of your festival - and if we get in we will be thanking you with another video (although we can't know whether we will get any specific festival). Your donation will go towards the entry fee for the festival, and any screening materials or paperwork needed. we may use it for two smaller festivals or one larger festival - and if there is anything left over then that will be placed into a 'pot' and either combined with others to fund more festivals, or added to the savings for series 2 of the airship! Thank you all for your continued support of the series!
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